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In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Posted on 1st December 2015 by ThePD (The Project Definition)

In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) is an automobile industry term that combine entertainment and information delivery to drivers and passengers. An IVI includes car audio systems with radios and cassette or CD players, as well as automotive navigation systems, video players, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, computers, in-car internet, and WiFi. The entire automotive industry is moving towards developing innovative technologies to enable better connectivity solutions, improve vehicle safety, and enhance in-vehicle user-experience.


You may notice or hear the term infotainment frequently when learning about the later model cars.  Simply put, infotainment, is your cars digital

and computerized display console, usually located in the middle of the dash.  This system combines a wide range of functions from digital radio to

back up cameras.  Besides playing your favorite song tracks an infotainment system will also give real time updates for traffic, and hands free

calling with just a voice command.  Most infotainment systems feature touch screens that are very similar to smart tablets that are mounted onto

or built in the dash and make controlling the climate, seat temperature, navigation, wifi set up, blue-tooth and smart phone pairing a breeze! 

einfochips https://www.einfochips.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-in-vehicle-infotainment-system/ has a great quick blog read that goes into the workings and features of In Vehicle Infotainmet if you want to learn more!


Extended Vehicle Warranties & Do You Need One

Purchasing a vehicle is an exciting time! You can't wait to drive your "new" pre-owned vehicle home and show it to all your friends and family. In the shuffle of signing all your paperwork, your Salesperson may have asked you if you would like to purchase an Extended Vehicle Service Contract, but what is it, and do you need one? An Extended Vehicle Service Contract is also known as an Extended Warranty that would protect against unexpected repair costs that may result in significant out-of-pocket expenses in addition to or after the manufacturer's warranty ends. Extended Warranties & Vehicle Service Contracts typically exclude routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire replacements (consumerfinance.gov) though some Service Contract companies do offer tire replacement, tech repair, and other plans for additional purchase. Most Extended Warranties are designed for pre-owned vehicles because new cars are covered by an initial factory or Dealer Warranty. In most cases, you'll want to buy an extended warranty before the manufacturer's or Dealer's Warranty expires to avoid any gaps in coverage. caranddriver.com/research/a32878888/extended-warranty-for-car/ .

Is a Service Contract worth the purchase? Let's look at some of the costs of these unexpected repairs:


No matter if you are buying brand new or used, unexpected breakdowns are bound to happen. If you are planning to keep the car for several years, then buying an Extended Vehicle Service Contract can be worth it especially if you are uncomfortable with the possibility of spending thousands of dollars on vehicle repairs.

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