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Sales Department- BRAND NEW

After the devastating loss of our last building, we are happy to announce we have finally put the finishing touches on our NEW and IMPROVED sales building!
We are so thankful for all the help we have received from local businesses along the way, and would not be where we are now if it wasn't for them.
Please stop in and check out the new building, grab a cold water and see what we have to offer you as we continue to grow every year!

Service Department COMPLETE

We were finally able to snag a few photos of our new and improved Service Department!
Cleaned weekly, our Service Department caters to anything you may need...
Alignments, oil change, tire rotations, or even a little bit harder of a task? We're your guys!
Open Monday thru Friday 8-4
Stop by today!!

Our New Signs From Open Signs!

Now that our buildings are about to complete! We had to start decorating them! We would like to thank the guys from Open Signs over in Greenville! They did an amazing job getting them made, and installing them! Our Service Department signs will let you know what services we provide, and that we are a new NAPA Auto Care Center. We have our popular "A name you can trust" slogan on our Sales Building. And Stacey's "Bling Financing" banner on the other side! They all look great!

Our mechanics are moved up to the new service department and are hard at work! Our office and waiting room areas are still in the process of being set up! So if we have a hard time getting you to service, that would be why haha! Thank you to all of the customers who have been very patient and understanding with us during this transition period! So many great things have come, and are yet to come! 

See you all next week! 

Service Department Update!

Doesn't our Service Department look great!? Looks so much better with our front parking lot paved! Thanks again to CJ Long Paving Co.! 

We just got our windows and doors installed and they look awesome! The guys are just starting to finish up the drywall and laying out some things throughout our building! We are so excited to move our crew up to our new building! And it will be nice to see some new faces in our mechanic shop! I'm sure our customers are just as excited as we are! No more having to drive back and forth between the Sales Office and the Service Department! 

Thank you to all of our customers who are working with us during this big change! We are always working hard to make your experience here even better than the last! 

Another big thank you to all of the people and businesses who helped us with this transition! We couldn't have done it without you! 

Paving the Service Department Lot!

The parking lot for the Service Department looks great! A HUGE thank you to CJ Long Paving Co. for helping us out! They did a really nice job and it looks great! These guys were out here in the 90 degree weather pouring hot blacktop! They are troopers! They also paved over where our work trailer was, and now our lot looks HUGE! More space for more vehicles! Our Service department is almost complete! The garage doors are all installed and the lights for the shop are up and running! Soon we will have our mechanics and equipment up here and we will be ready to roll! The day is almost here!! 

Service Department Almost Complete!

Our Service Department is on its final stages of being completed! It looks great! As you can see we are getting our heavy car lifts placed in the building, starting insulation in our Service waiting area, and we will finally have AC in our service department! Our mechanics are very excited about that! We are making some awesome progress! Once the walls, insulation, and electric are complete we will start moving our mechanic's up to the new building! We will be moving all of their tools and the cars that they are currently working on! It will be such a busy and exciting day! We are so glad to have our mechanics closer to home! We are also planning on paving the parking lot outside the service department! That way we won't have to deal with gravel and mud puddles in the future! The finished product is going to look great and we can't wait to share it with all of our customers! Thank you for reading and staying updated on what is happening here at Team Lake Road Auto Sales! Be sure to check in with us next week! 


Our Service Department is looking amazing! The siding is almost complete, the insulation is being done, the roof is being done, then by the end of this month it should be ready for action! We already love how the service department is turning out, and our mechanics are very eager to move over to the new building! Do you want to work in our service department? We are hiring a Sercive Inspection Mechanic! If you want to join the team you can email Stacey your resume at S.Reynolds@tlras.com. We would love to meet you and see if you are a good fit! We will also be closing tonight at 9 am-4 pm and tomorrow we will be closed! We will be back bright and early on Monday at 9 am! We hope everyone has an amazing 4th of July weekend! Be safe! Practice social distancing but don't let it ruin your weekend! July 4th is an opportunity to come together and share the love we have for this great country of ours. 

Service Department Update and Next Steps!

Progress, Progress, Progress! 

The steel frame for our new service building is complete! Now they are being prepped to start installing the walls on the sides of the building! So far we have the foundation complete, steel frame is complete, and the plumbing has been done. 

This upcoming week we will have walls being delivered, our garage doors being delivered, and electricians will be coming in to start hooking up power! We have so much going on here! Soon we will also be getting an Offical NAPA Dealer sign for in front of our service department! That way everyone can see that we provide quality parts and quality mechanics.

We are so blessed to be growing the way we are. I wrote this in the last blog, but we aren't just rebuilding, we are growing. We have new licenses, new buildings, and new cars! We are in the process of completing this chapter of Team Lake Road's journey and it is one of the most exciting things to watch. We are also so excited to see what the future holds for our business and to see the completion of the service department building. With everything that is going on in the world today it's nice to see something good happening. Not only for our business but for our community. 

Again we would love to thank our customers who have stuck with us during these strange times and to all of the workers who are helping us with our new buildings! 

The Service Department is Starting to Take Shape!

Our service department is starting to take shape! The concrete is poured, the plumbing is done, and now the heavy lifting! Literally! They are installing support beams for our new service department! As you can see, our new building is looking a lot bigger than the one we have now. Now we can have more and more customers at a time, more storage for equipment, and potentially hire more mechanics. We aren't only rebuilding what we have lost, but we are growing. We are trying to better your experience as a customer and provide more and more services to you. You may have heard, but we are going to be an official NAPA Auto Care Center! That way we can provide higher quality vehicles, parts, and more warranty options! We are so excited to see what else unfolds for our new service department! 
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